First Beadbox build

This is my husband's first attempt at building a box for storing my beads. He chose to make a regular "jewelery box" styled box with fixed rails that can hold the rods that holds the beads. The rods are threaded at the ends in order to allow a stopper nut to be screwed on so that the beads do not fall off when handling.
In the second image you can see the design of the rails that holds the rods. The notch depth are alternated with shallow followed by deep, and this is to allow for two levels of rod. One drawback of this is that you have to remove the upper rods in order to get to a bead on a lower down rod. A seperate lift-out tray sits on top of the main set of rods.
He used Imbuia and South-Afican Yellowwood for the chequered inlays on the box lid, and the rest of the box was made with "Snake bean" wood.