Terms & Conditions.

Feel free to use these images for non-commercial purposes. These images are not copy-righted, but it would be realy shitty if you sell any for personal gain. It would be great if you could give us credit when using any of the images.

I do not promise that these images will be available on the website forever, so do not link to any directly.

Privacy policy.

You will have to login to Facebook in order to leave a comment (purely because the plugin I use for comments require this).
When leaving a comment you will have the option to "Also post on Facebook".
All comments left on any of the pages will be public - this means that anybody that visits these pages will be able to see any and all comments. I assume your privacy settings on Facebook will apply to the posting there (if you elect to also post on Facebook) - but this has not been tested - so rather not post anthing that you may regret later.
I reserve the right to remove any comment whenever I want.
If you do not like these conditions then please do not visit these pages.